Storytelling - Narrating PreHistory

“We use stories to make sense of the world. While we see ourselves in them, it is through stories that we encounter new perspectives that change how we think and feel. At their core, stories make us care.”

(Anna Faherty, Musemsnext)

Ein Stand mit verschiedenen Gefäßen und Gerätschaften mit der Seitenbetreiberin in frühneuzeitlich anmutender Kleidung
img.: René Mattner
Auf einem Podest steht eine Nachbildung einer Urne in Menschenform, umgeben von Formularen und Tütchen mit Objekten. Am Podest lehnt ein Zeichenbrett.
Eine Gruppe hört Ausführungen über die Sonderausstellung der Ausgrabungen des steinzeitlichen Ritualorts Salzmünde zu.
Img.: agisa

Seit einigen Jahren wird das Erzählen von Geschichten als Methode der Vermittlung wissenschaftlicher Inhalte in der Kinder- und Erwachsenenbildung, Journalismus und auch Marketing unter der Bezeichnung “Storytellling” eingesetzt.

Though, the approach to impart knowledge through narrating stories might be as old as the human language. Stories explain contexts, contain codes of behaviour, remind of past incidents, preserve knowledge. Narratives feed emotions.

With the development of writing in the 4th millenium BCE in Mesopotamia, a first possibility evolved to record stories and knowledge, and pass them on over time and space.

It is a matter of pure pressumption, how what was done in prehistoric times and societies. Examples of music instruments, objects decorated with symbols and signs of nowadays lng forgotten meaning, and finds, that make it likely that they were in use for a long period of time and passed down for generations, let venture the assumption that telling stories had palyed a crucial role.

It is my intention, to share a perception of PreHistory and give it an emotional scale, to offer my audience a possibility to connect to objects and scientific insights.


My service:

  • performance of guided tours in german and english based on existing concepts, for all age groups and every target audience
  • conception of guided tours on topics with cultural historic content (Archaeology, History, local references, ect.)
  • performance and conception of events for museums and institutions, repeating or individualS
  • development of exhibition concepts and part conception for selected topics
  • authorship of exhibition texts, catalogue contributions, content for digital and print media


  • 2020:  scientific associate of the project "UNESCO - Memory of the World: contextual experience of the Skydisc of Nebra. Treasures of humanity in the tradeoff between original archaeological settings and the digital world." of the State Museum of Prehistory Halle, for Storytelling.

  • since Sept. 2018: cooperation with visitor service and museum´s education team of the Museum of the City Halle

  • 2014, 2017: cooperation with visitor service and museum´s education team Museum Monrepos, Neuwied

  • 2015: cooperation with adventure pedagogy advertiser key:experiences, Martin Klitsche, Halle

  • since 2014: freelancing cooperation with visitor service and museum´s education team State Museum of Prehistory, Halle 


  • I performed tours on the follwoing current and past exhibitions:
  • Permanent exhibition State Museum of Prehistory Saxony-Anhalt, Halle (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Time of the Roman Empire, Late Antiquity))

  • Special Exhibitions of the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle:
  • 3.300 B.C. - Mysterious deaths of the Stone Age and their world (Neolithic, Megalithic, enclosures, rituals, ancestors cult))
  • War - an archaeological search for clues (cultural anthropology of warfare, 30 years´ war, weapons)
  • Alchemy - In search of the secrets of the world16th century, alchemy, history of science)
  • Climate Force - Driving Force of Evolution (climatic change of the last 55 Mio. years, evolution, Ice Age art)
  • Rings of Power (symbolism, Tolkien, Early Modern Age, reliquaries, magic, amulettes)

  • Dauerausstellung “MenschlICHes Verstehen” Forschungsmuseum Monrepos, Neuwied (evolution of human behaviour, development of the human species, Paleolithic, Mesolithic)
Narrating Prehistory


Nicola Scheyhing MA.

Lessingstraße 31